Sunday, 29 April 2012

Field Trip: Toronto Botanical Gardens

 The children and I had an amazing time at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. Thank you to our parent volunteers for making this experience possible. Here are some highlights from our trip: 

The apartment building of some red wiggler worms
One level of the apartment: the kitchen equipped with compost
We had a chance to hold our new worm friends

The morning class planted parsnip seeds
The afternoon class planted carrot seeds
You are welcome to visit the gardens and watch our vegetables grow. All of the vegetables planted will be harvested and donated to a local food bank

We know that plants need soil, sun and water to grow
We used treasure finders to open our eyes to all of the natural treasures around us. At Home: Create your own treasure finder using a container lid or piece of cardboard and discover your own natural treasures in your neighbourhood.

We went on a scavenger hunt to look for signs of spring.
We looked through the gardens to find "pieces of the rainbow" in nature.
At Home: This is an easy activity to do with your child. Use paint chips or coloured paper and search your neighbourhood to find your own pieces of the rainbow in nature.

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