Friday, 16 March 2012

More, Less and the Same

We have been exploring the ideas of more, less and the same to help us begin to understand number relationships. Some activities the children engaged in were: identifying and creating sets of more, less and the same and using counters to show a quantity that is more, less and the same as a given number. 

Thank you to those who were able to attend our S.K. visits earlier this month. One of the activities you observed was a number line game in which a doll was moved 1 or 2 numbers more or less on a number line after the flip of a "more or less" coin.

At home: You can ask children about quantities of more, less and the same using everyday objects at home. You might like to create your own number line game by drawing one or using a ruler as the number line, and moving objects (e.g. beans, beads, cheerios) 1 and 2 numbers more or less than a given number. For example, place a bean on the number 5 on a ruler. Ask your child to move the bean 2 numbers more. 

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